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Private or Semi-private Yoga Sessions

Have an injury or been injured in the past?

Is the regular group yoga class you oridinarily attend just not right for you at this time? You know yoga is the right thing for you but you need something adapted specifically for you and you need to go a little more slowly to prevent reinjury. You know you need to stretch and strengthen but are not sure which yoga postures are best for you. You need private or semiprivate yoga sessions with a highly qualified yoga teacher who has your best interests and safety in mind.



In the first private yoga session, a health history will be completed. Then, Tamra will observe and asess your posture and movement, inquire as to your goals, and then work with you to create a personalized yoga practice that meets your needs and helps you achieve your specific goal(s). She provides the safety and guidance that gives you permission to experience and follow the signals and wisdom of your body to greater health and wellbeing.



To set your appointment for a private or semiprivate yoga session,
contact Tamra Holder:
Phone: 503.984.6133